Mexican Chilli Wedges

Parboil and then grill for a lighter but still damn tasty Friday night sharing dish to chill out in front of the TV with, or serve at a party. Dos cervezas por favor!

  • Prep in: 15 mins
  • Cook in: 20 mins

The renowned food blogger has teamed up with us to help spread the word about potatoes, their nutritional benefits and all the versatile dishes you can cook

Ella will be sharing five specially created potato recipes over the course of 2016, encouraging us to try a range of diverse, delicious and low-fat dishes – all full of natural potato goodness, including potassium and fibre. Her first recipe, Potato Yaki Udon Noodles, is available to try now. Enjoy!

Spuds can be part of your healthful diet plan, especially when eaten with the skin on. They’re a source of fibre and potassium, and are naturally fat free. Indulge guilt-free with these delicious, simple and modern potato recipes. Explore our exciting recipe section.

Potatoes can form the base of many quick, simple and nutritious meals - particularly helpful for mid-week dinners. Browse our selection of particularly speedy spud recipes now. 

We love a mini roast, they are easy, delicious and ready in under an hour. Even better than that, once it's in the oven, you can get on with something else entirely. You may have seen them in the shops as easy carve or small roasting joints but they’re all the same really, delicious joints of beef or lamb you know and love, just smaller!

Why wait til Sunday?

The humble spud is not quite as humble as you may think when it comes to nutrition.

In fact, they’re pretty amazing! Potatoes pack quite a nutritional punch, seeing as they are naturally fat-free, a source of fibre, potassium, salt free, low in sugar and naturally saturated-fat free

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