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VE Day celebrated with favourite wartime potato recipes

Retro recipes

The 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE day) has reminded us of the importance of potatoes in the nation’s diet during the wartime years. Potatoes were one of the few foods to remain free from rationing restrictions and became an everyday essential ingredient. 

Recipes for potato cakes, potato scones and potato soups were commonplace and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food published Potato Pete’s recipe book, which was full of ways to cook with potatoes as replacements for other ingredients that were in short supply.

The relevance of potatoes and their nutritional benefits were recognised as much back then as they are today, did you know that there is as much potassium in a portion of potatoes as there are in three bananas? They are also a good source of fibre. 

So if you fancy a nostalgic trip down memory lane we’ve selected a few of our favourite wartime potato recipes here that have been modernised for the modern kitchen. Enjoy!

We had a very Happy #PotatoWeek!

We had a successful Potato Week 6th-12th October, with an integrated campaign featuring PR, print advertising and social media with interactions from our new digital ambassadors with lots of photos and tweets flying across the internet as well as our key messages about Fluffy potatoes, Jo Pratt recipes and national stories on fussy eaters

We also had tweets from celebrity chefs such as the likes of Gregg Wallace, Phil Vickery, Michel Roux Jr, Ching-He Huang, Matt Tebbutt and of course our campaign ambassador, Jo Pratt.

Jo Pratt and Potato Girl Kate spent a day in London doing radio shows at the beginning of the week.  Another highlight was that our Fluffy potato sticker has been on Maris Piper potato bags in retailers across GB we’ve had photos from our potato lovers of their spots of the bags in various retailers.

Remember to try out our Maris Piper potato recipes and keep an eye out for out adverts!

Love potatoes







The Potato Girls hit The Big Feastival's potato patch

We've had a fantastic weekend in our wellies at James' farm inAlex  the Cotswolds for a celebration of food and music.

This year the Feastival featured a potato patch grown in conjunction with the Royal Agricultural University, with potato harvests held throughout the day so everyone could try their hand at digging spuds! We donned the chef hats and cooked up some tasty samples of potatoes from the patch. With various varieties planted, they all went down a treat!

Jamie Oliver paid us a visit, along with CBeebies' green-fingered Mr Bloom and hundreds of potato-mad families. As well as getting to taste the fruits of their labour and take some home, they learnt all about the natural goodness of potatoes and how important they are as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Fingers crossed we'll be back next year!

Big Feastival


Have a potato saladroyal Easter with our new recipes!

Spring has definitely sprung and here at Potato Towers we’ve been out and about making the most of the sunny weather before the April showers strike. To celebrate the new season we’ve teamed up with top chef Alex Mackay to bring you six new spring inspired recipes, all featuring that most fluffy of royal spuds, the King Edward.

Using fresh, seasonal fare like spring lamb and asparagus, combined with chipped, roasted or baked King Edward potatoes, you can create some stunning meals that the whole family will love. Take a look here.

Not only are the recipes big on taste, but they’re also low in fat and calories so there’s no reason why you can’t indulge in an Easter egg (or two) afterwards!



Here's to the supermums!Family cooking

Who knew we all had a secret superhero in the family? From mopping up tears and grazed knees to being a taxi driver, cook and cleaner, our mums are amazing. They are our rocks, our counsellors, our best friends. Whatever role they play, they're always there when we need them. In fact the Potato Towers mums are on speed dial for cooking advice.

Mother's Day is all about celebrating our mum's magnificence, and you don't need to say it with flowers. For a treat worthy of a supermum, try a home-cooked meal made with Maris Pipers - the perfect all-rounder, just like her!


Chips Away!

All’s quiet (well, a bit quieter than usual) this week at Potato Towers as we’re recovering from a jam-packed Chip Week! We should be resting in a darkened room with several portions of chippy chips, but instead we’re planning our next potato-based exploits for the coming months.

The week kicked off with chip drops to radio stations in London with mentions on Radio 2, Absolute Radio and talkSPORT, followed by an artist recreating British icons using 10kg of chips, the discovery of the world’s most expensive fish and chips from a Michelin-starred chef and a record-breaking 63,000 votes in the Choice Chip Awards. Plus our Love Your Chippy and Chip ‘n’ Pin competitions, both of which went down very well on the great world wide web.

We even managed to get chips on the menu at This Morning and The Wright Stuff, huzzah!

To top the week off, our chip research boffins found out that a staggering 40% of Brits say their local chip shop is a hub of the local community, and have cheered themselves up with a chippy dinner after a hard day. Another shocker is that 66% of you said you loved your other half enough to give them your last chip, but I don’t think the peeps at Potato Towers would agree – nobody eats our last chip but us!


Chip week image


Potatoes - the perfect partner for seasonal veg

There’s not much that we enjoy more than wandering round a supermarket fresh vegetable and fruit department - except eating the produce we’ve bought in tasty recipes of course! For super fresh produce The Potato Girls like to look for seasonal food with the Red Tractor logo  This can mean that the range on offer at this time of year is a little smaller, but Mother Nature still provides us with a variety of vegetables to choose from, all of which pair beautifully with maincrop potatoes – both smooth  and fluffy varieties. Plus potatoes are naturally fat free, which is great news for our waistlines at this time of year!

At their seasonal best in January and February are some delicious vegetables - from root veg like parsnips, carrots, swedes and turnips to winter greens such as kale or savoy cabbage. These foods are harvested when at their peak, so have the most flavour and nutrients. The chances are they haven’t travelled far either, which means less storage time from farm to fork. Eating seasonal winter veg can be healthier and tastier, although knowing what to cook can be challenging, so we’re here to help with some recipe suggestions for delicious winter comfort food. 

At this time of the year we’re craving warming soups and stews. Easy Leek and Potato Soup or Italian Potato and Tomato Soup, with its tasty savoy cabbage are both perfect for suppers and packing up for work lunches.  For a hearty meal try family favourite stoup (a cross between a soup and a stew!) Winter Potato Pot with its carrots, leeks and kale, plus swede or turnip, all of which go a long way to supplying your 5 a day. For those looking for something a bit more meaty, Potato Casserole with West Country Cider Chicken, with its celery and carrot could appeal.

Mash in all its forms is also a favourite of ours at this time of year. The food equivalent of a duvet, making you all cosy and warm, mmmm, our basic recipe for mash is pretty easy to pimp up too.   For something even more substantial try Colcannon Mash with its cabbage, bacon and egg (omit the bacon if you’re veggie) or add leeks, onion, chilli and parsnips for the delicious Winter Vegetable Mashed Potatoes.

So even if it’s cold outside you can rely on potatoes and seasonal winter veg to keep you going through the winter months, happy cooking and eating, be sure to let us see your creations on our PotatoGirls facebook page.


Diet? What’s That?

We’re back in the office and if there’s one thing we all agree on it’s that we’ve overindulged a little over the festive period. Clothes are a bit more snug and waistbands are tight, so its time to keep that New Year’s resolution.

No we’re not talking about starting a diet. Diet is a dirty word unless its part of the sentence "part of a healthy balanced diet". We don’t diet, diets aren’t sustainable. Instead give your body the nutrition it deserves. We’re talking about healthy eating. Making sure we get our five a day – at least – plenty of fibre and food that is going to satisfy us, filling us up and keep us going, without giving us an empty feeling that leaves us reaching for those leftover chocolates that are still in the office.

Fibre-rich complex carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains keep you feeling full longer, stabilize your blood sugar, and give you longer-lasting energy. The Department of Health ‘NHS Choices’ website lists potatoes in their skins as a good source of fibre, alongside wholegrains.

Healthy eating needn’t mean deprivation, especially when potatoes are still on the menu. The humble spud is not quite as humble as you may think when it comes to nutrition.  They’re full of goodness.

In fact they’re pretty amazing! Potatoes are naturally fat free, a natural source of fibre and contribute to your RDA of several vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B6. Carefully cooked they are a great natural source of energy. How about this winter warmer? Or if you’re looking for a salad that doesn’t shout deprivation this one should do the job.  

When protein and fibre are eaten together, like in these great jacket potato recipes, Smoked mackerel and spring onion  Cajun Salmon  or Chicken and tomato they are digested more slowly than when eaten alone or compared to a meal consisting of simple carbohydrates. This keeps hunger at bay and, more importantly, prevents drastic spikes in blood sugar, which can lead to bingeing and a crash in energy.

As well as a great sustainable source of energy, a jacket potato (180g) provides 57% of your RDA of potassium – more than 3 medium bananas.

Could there be any more reason to love spuds? Eat well and let us know how you get on.


It's Christmas! (well very nearly)

If there’s one thing that you should absolutely not forget to put on your shopping list this Christmas its potatoes, they're up there with batteries for the children’s Christmas toys and toilet roll in matters of necessity.

In fact after doing a quick poll in the office, one thing we couldn’t do without at Christmas lunch is our roasties – no surprise there.  Who could imagine the day without at least crispy crunchy roasties, if not in combination with mash, or simple boiled potatoes, whisper it, maybe all three!! We don’t know any other time of year when this is socially acceptable, so boy do we relish it.
For the best roasties you must start with a fluffy potato variety such as Maris Piper or King Edwards – here’s why.

Celebrity chef Jo Pratt who has a brilliant tip for Christmas Day roast potatoes. Jo says “When cooking a big meal, roast your potatoes the day before, leaving your oven free for longer to roast meat or other dishes, as space can often be a challenge. Roast them right until they are almost to your liking then let them go cold (keep them in the tray they are cooked in) then store in a cool place. To finish simply put the tray back into a hot oven to roast for 10-15 minutes.” Watch Jo and her top tips for roasties here.

If mash plays a part in your Christmas Day lunch then a smooth variety such as Desiree will give you great mash Desiree will also make a great Dauphinoise. We reckon this decadent dish should be reserved for Boxing Day, especially if you have guests again and want to impress. We think it’s a great balance between comfort food and entertaining food and it will go with pretty much anything, be that a nice piece of roast lamb, steak, side of salmon, or leftover turkey, salad and pickles. Or how about this delicious bubble and squeak?

Give your family the best by popping a couple of different varieties in your trolley for meals throughout the festive period, we reckon a fluffy variety and a smooth variety will provide you with some great meals. And if you’re stuck for recipe ideas visit lovepotatoes for inspiration.


17/12/13 Loving Leftovers

After hearing WRAP’s news last month about many potatoes being unloved and discarded, ending up in compost bins or in landfill, we decided that we’d focus on leftovers and the tasty dishes you can create. 

We love leftovers as they’re often a shortcut to some great tasting meals – and anything that saves time in our busy lives is very welcome … especially, of course if saving spuds is involved!
Whether you’ve accidentally cooked too many spuds, or want to deliberately end up with leftovers to create shortcuts to new meals, we have something for you here.

One of our personal favourites is bubble and squeak – leftovers really shouldn’t taste this good, we think its perfect comfort food! Mash, boiled or even leftover roast potatoes can be combined with a little salt and pepper and leftover cabbage, brussel sprouts or other greens, and gently fried in a small amount of oil. If you’re not a confident cook and want to follow a recipe try this one.

Another great recipe for using up boiled or roast potatoes is to slice them and use in a tortilla, sometimes known as a frittata, or Spanish omelet. This usually contains onion and potato as well as eggs, but you can use any leftovers you may have to go with the potatoes. Leftover salad spuds are yummy too – especially when made into a potato salad like this one. They make this recipe even speedier.

Made too much mash? It can be quickly combined with tinned or cooked fresh fish then coated in breadcrumbs or a little flour and fried or oven baked for a tasty quick meal. It’ll cut the first step out of any recipe that makes the mash from fresh such as these salmon or smoked haddock fishcakes. A great time-saver.

Enjoy your adventures in leftovers!


07/11/13 Potato Lovers Hate Waste

WRAP figures just released show that potatoes are still going to waste in landfill. We love potatoes so much that this has made us sad. You can’t get a much more versatile veg than our beloved spuds and getting the most out of each pack saves money, as well as the environment.   

Potato farmers and suppliers hate waste too and go to great lengths to make sure no crop is thrown away using the latest technical advances and specialist research. Read on to find out how they ensure as many potatoes as possible end up on consumers’ plates.

Growing potatoes is a fine art. Firstly potato farmers have to make sure they grow the right potato variety on the right land.  Specialised seed is then used to match the crop size for retail demand. Once they’re in the ground potatoes are lovingly cared for and closely monitored, farmers will use crop protection and water the plants only when they are needed, making sure you get the best quality potatoes.  At each of the farms the potatoes get the best of care whilst being harvested. Regular checks are carried out to make sure that the skin looks good and no damage has been done to the precious crop during harvest.

The next trip on the potatoes’ journey is to the suppliers, where they are sorted, washed and packed ready to make their way to the shops for you to buy. Nothing is thrown away as any potatoes that are not quite high enough quality for the shops are used for processing for example in ready meals, so your pre-made wedges may well contain these spuds. Any damage or minor green areas are removed from these potatoes, so you’ll still get the best quality. Only a small amount of the very poorest quality potatoes go for animal feed. Lucky animals we say!

Potatoes are supplied to shops in their best possible condition, so they last for the longest time once you have taken your pack home. But it’s still important to respect your potatoes! Their keeping qualities can be maximised by storing them in a dark, dry, cool place (but not the fridge) – that way they’ll keep fresher for longer. Also make sure you take them out of their plastic bag otherwise they’ll sweat. Finally don’t man-handle your potatoes, they may look tough but they can bruise easily. Sensitive souls potatoes.

Finally take a look at your potato pack as most retailers include on-pack recipes. Don’t forget you can also find inspiration at http://www.lovepotatoes.co.uk/recipes


12/09/13 Spice up your spuds!

Sadly, we’re no longer thinking about salads and barbecues.  It feels like autumn is very much here and the air is turning distinctly chilly. We’re feeling it even more after our summer’s unusually high temperatures and frequent sunshine.

We’re looking for foods that will add heat to our chilled bodies, something with a bit of a kick and luckily potatoes are the perfect base for warming spices.  Wedges take spices really well why not try Chilli Tomato Wedges and Dip, or Spicy Indian Potato Wedges with Spinach

A basic mash is magnificent with a little bit of spice added for that extra kick, whether it’s a dollop of English or wholegrain mustard or a sprinkling of chilli flakes. We really recommend experimenting with different additions. Go on, be brave and get creative! Alternatively if you need a little help and guidance why not try this recipe for Winter Vegetable Mashed Potatoes?

If you’re lucky enough to have a microwave at work then jacket potatoes can form the basis for a warming lunch. Why not use some leftover chilli and add to a baked jacket potato. 

Whatever your choice of meal to add oomph this autumn, why not let potatoes spice up your life this autumn. In fact, let us know your concoctions on Twitter @potatogirls and Facebook!


Spuds – good for you and for the environment

New research has shown that potatoes are the most sustainable carb. Great for you and for the environment!
As the world population increases it’s important to find ways of providing food with less impact on the environment – a sustainable solution – and the great news is that choosing spuds to eat helps.
Potatoes were compared, along with rival carbs rice and pasta, for greenhouse gasses and water usage.
The least sustainable carb was found to be basmati rice with high levels of greenhouse gas and high water use.  Both potatoes and pasta have much lower greenhouse gas and water usage than rice – in fact not much different. But per portion, potatoes have lower greenhouse gas and use less water than pasta. 
Naturally fat free, and providing fibre, vitamins and minerals potatoes are the healthy and sustainable carb choice. So tuck in guilt free! 


12/08/13 What’s in a name?

Seasonality is a word that gets used quite often, but as we know from a trip to any supermarket most foods are available all year round. But should we be making sure they are celebrated at their seasonal best? It’s currently the height of British new potato season when they are freshly dug and on their shelves in a very short time, here in Potato Towers we know that and wait with anticipation for the first ones to be harvested, but recently it was raised with us that not everyone realises what makes them so special.

Year round you want to be able to choose smaller potatoes as they are quick and easy –  a quick rinse and then pop them in the pan for 15 (ish) minutes or in the oven to roast for 30 (ish) minutes… nom, nom. What we’ve been working on is a way to work out when they are ‘new’ - our gold standard - versus a ‘baby’ or ‘salad’ potato, so have published a new industry standard description for retailers to sign up to. We know we’ll all continue to enjoy small potatoes year round, but hopefully you’ll now be able to easily spot when it’s the height of the season.

Go and grab a bag and give them a try without anything on! New potatoes are specially grown and harvested early to be packed full of taste, with a thin skin or one you can rub off with your finger.


06/08/13 Brilliant BBQ's

We Potato Girls are taking every opportunity to enjoy the glorious, if slightly unpredictable weather we’re having this summer – yes you did hear us right – summer!

We confess to loving a bit of alfresco dining, (ok a lot) and our favourite way to cook at this time of year is definitely on the barbie.  Luckily we have a wealth of BBQ suitable recipes at our fingertips on lovepotatoes and they all feature yummy potatoes.

We love this kid friendly Ranch Style Potato Kebabs recipe – let the little ones help to thread the skewers with the prepared ingredients, or to impress BBQ guests why not try these Chicken, Prawn and Mango Kebabs? Or Cajun Chicken with Citrus Potatoes?

It’s important to have some delicious salads too at a BBQ – so from a twist on a traditional potato salad Warm New Potato Salad with Mustard Dressing to super healthy Garden Salad or Bistro Potato Salad, especially if you’ve veggie guests invited to your party. 

And if the worst comes to the worst and your BBQ is a wash out, most of these dishes are easily popped under the grill to cook.  Happy BBQing!


25/6/13 Delicious Diets 

With magazines firmly focused on bikini diets our thoughts have turned to getting a little slimmer for summer. Luckily potatoes are our diet friends– so we’re busy browsing the pages of our Healthy section on the Love Potatoes website for mealtime inspiration. Chilli Tomato Wedges with Tex Mex Dips and Crispy Potato and Courgette Fritters with Tomato and Sweetcorn Salsa are a couple of our favourites.

Atkins and similar faddy diets have done a lot to damage the reputation of carbohydrates, but they are the backbone of a healthy diet and should make up around a third of food intake daily.

The Department of Health recommends potatoes as one of the starchy foods we should be eating to make us more satisfied at mealtime. “Starchy foods such as potatoes, bread, cereals, rice and pasta should make up about a third of the food you eat.  Where you can, choose wholegrain varieties, or eat potatoes with their skins on for more fibre.”  Read more about it on the NHS Choices website.

Potatoes are good for you, naturally fat free, a source of vitamins and fibre and they aren’t high in calories as long as you cook them in a healthy manner. A 175g serving of new potatoes boiled in their skins counts as just 130 calories compared to an average 180g portion of rice at 248 calories and 220g pasta at 235 calories, giving them a lower energy density (i.e. the number of calories they provide per gramme). You can find some fantastic recipes here for new season potatoes.

Diets needn’t be boring either as potatoes are the perfect base for strong flavours – add a little spice,  and strongly flavoured foods like bacon in a salad, or dolcelatte and sunblush tomatoes and you’ll have a tasty meal. 

We think potatoes are a recipe for diet success – let us know how you get on! 


3/06/13 Pack a Potato Picnic

Having had a good few days of glorious sun, our thoughts are quickly turning to picnics and what to pack! Luckily we know that potato based dishes are one of the perfect things to take with us – mmmmm. 
No soggy sandwiches for us! We’ll be tucking into a delicious and easily transportable Spanish Omelette, or the classic Frittata - no self respecting picnic should be without one.

But do you know the origins of today’s picnic? The word pique-nique is of French origin, formed from piquer, the French for "to pick at food", and nique meaning something small or of no value. How wrong could this term be for one of the most glorious eating experiences (in our opinion). One of the earliest English definitions was in the Oxford English Dictionary "An occasion when a packed meal is eaten outdoors, especially during an outing to the countryside."
Normally reserved for country people and hunting parties on their estates it was further popularised by Dickens, Trollope and Jane Austen all writing about them and has become an integral part of British culture.

What are you waiting for? Dust off the wicker basket and cook up one of these simple but hearty salads to enjoy. Choose from Tuna NicoiseGreek Potato and Fish Salad or Artichoke and Potato Salad with Herb Yogurt Dressing.  

As the French would say Bon Appetit!


16/05/13 Potato Planning

As we’re all watching our budgets here at Potato Towers so conversations have naturally turned to how we can make a difference to our budget by spending wisely.  We're planning ahead each week.

Start by writing down your family’s favourites in a list and then when you’ve run out of ideas start with your carbohydrate source.  So potatoes could be mash, chips, wedges, salad potatoes, jackets, we’re so lucky that potatoes are such a great versatile base for so many meals.  Take a look on love potatoes for ideas for your planner.

Apparently we should be aiming for around 20 different dishes, but we like to think that with all these fab potato recipes we’re going to have many more choices.

We’ve downloaded our meal planners from office, but there are plenty of resources on the web so you should be able to find one to suit you. There are meal planning apps too if you’re tech savvy enough.

Plan what you’re going to eat when – fill in your planner with events so you don’t plan a meal when you’ve arranged to eat out for a family birthday, or note that you will need something quick and easy when you’ll get back late from work.  Use these to decide what main meals you want when and if you need to cook ahead and have something in the freezer. Don’t forget to note breakfasts and lunches too. 

A typical day might be two slices of wholemeal or granary bread, with sliced banana and a glass of orange juice, for lunch a serving of soup and for evening meal potato stir fry

Once we have our plans done we’re using these to go through our cupboards and freezers and make a shopping list. This way we won’t buy ingredients we don’t need, that could go to waste and won’t need to make frequent shopping trips during the week.  We reckon this could save time as well as money!
Are you ready to plan with the Potato Girls? We’ve got our dietician Sian Porter to put a sample planner together so it’s a good place to start. Happy planning!


1/05/13 Living Below the Line - Are spuds the ideal meal base?

This week thousands of people across the UK, and in fact worldwide will be aiming to live on £1 a day or the equivalent for 5 days. In doing this they’re raising awareness of poverty, and raising money for a good cause.  The challenge led us to think about how great potatoes are and how any leftovers can be used for the next day’s tea.   Potatoes are a starchy food, which means they are a source of energy, as well as providing fibre, vitamins and minerals, and they’re naturally fat free.

In fact, instead of pasta or rice, what could offer more mealtime variety than the humble spud!  You can make wedges, chips, boil them, bake them in their skins, roast them, or mash them. Potatoes make a great base to add with other ingredients to a casserole type dish too, either whole or sliced.

I’m basing at least one of my meals every day this week on potatoes.  Today’s has been the Veggie Cheshire Bake  which I cooked up last night and brought in for lunch at work, tonight I’m doing the same so I can bring in this gorgeous Red Pepper Frittata I’m going to have it cold with some salad leaves now the weather’s warming up, and it will do for Friday’s packed lunch too.

I’ve a lot to do after work today so quite fancy crushed potatoes with tuna and sweetcorn when I eventually get back home for supper.  Simple but effective - all I need to do is prepare the potatoes - and then add a tin of tuna and one of sweetcorn.

As a big fan of mash I’ll be whipping up some colcannon mash  on Friday, leaving out the bacon, instead having with a nice big piece of salmon to accompany it.  Leftovers will be perfect for making fishcakes to have next week – fish and colcannon bound together using an egg and dusted with flour, then popped in the freezer – I’ll pull those out when I next need a quick and easy meal and fry them off then serve with some peas and sweetcorn.

I can’t quite decide what to have on Saturday, a luxurious day for lazy cooking. Will it be wedges or chips, with a lovely poached egg?  Or perhaps a jacket potato with cheese and beans! No contest for Sunday it has to be roasties Sunday dinner wouldn’t be the same without them! 

Great for my pocket, and my waistline too.   Now for tonight’s meal…


11/04/13 It’s April already?! 

We’ve enjoyed the Easter break, with an assortment of activities carried out by the team, from cooking for whole families down to extended breaks being waited on hand and foot! Our trusted recipe book obviously goes with us everywhere, and our favourite over the weekend was this lamb dish which all goes in one pot straight in the oven.

One of our Potato Girls completed her 10k run through mud, rivers, lakes, over walls, down slides and even along dry normal terrain for a small part of the course!

And as if that wasn’t enough, a friend of the Potato Girls is off to Africa very shortly to dig a very large hole near Kisumu, the third largest city in Kenya.  The hole will benefit local women farmers, to set up a community for fish farming, and is all for the benefit of Farm Africa [ farmafrica.org ]. Click and find out more about the Dig for Good project.


22/03/13 Happy Easter!

Well it’s officially Springtime!  Pull those marigolds out from the back of the cupboard under the sink (we know that’s where you’re hiding them) and get your Spring clean on!  While you’re at it, why not see what’s in your kitchen cupboards, and look out for lots of new seasonal ingredients to freshen up your meal repertoire? We all know that lamb comes in to season in March and April, so why not have a look at some of our lamb recipes here?  Other ingredients to look out for in your local store include spring onions, watercress and rocket which you could use to make some of our lovely salad recipes.

Equally, if you’re preparing lamb, then try out our roast potato recipe – use fluffy potatoes such as King Edward or Maris Piper for best results. Try adding a dash of red wine vinegar to your potatoes half way through roasting.

One of the Potato Girls is doing a 10k obstacle run to raise money for charity this April, joined in the sporting arena by our Potato Boy, who is captaining our work’s football team in a corporate charity tournament in support of a local school for young people with learning disabilities, so no doubt the consumption of potatoes will be higher than usual in Potato Towers this month! If you’re doing something similar, or just like exercising, then check out our Potatoes for Sport section to see how you can benefit from eating more spuds!


24/02/13 What a Chiptastic week it's been

Well another successful Chip Week has gone by in the blink of an eye...we've all been so busy this week, being out and about all week is quite tiring. What a week we've had, there were the chip drops on monday to national radio stations, with mentions from Nick Grimshaw and Sara Cox on Radio 1, Steve Wright, Simon Mayo and Vanessa Feltz from Radio 2 and Nick Ferrari from LBC which makes the early start well worth it. Whilst half of the team were busy in London, another Potato Girl travelled to Sheffield to see the amazing creation of two Sheffield university students', to celebrate Chip Week; a dress made of chips! Sounds too good to be true doesn't it, but even better it was modelled by Sheffield's very own Miss Sheffield, Jade! Check out the photos on our LoveChipsUK facebook page. She did a great job and was so patient, even with over a 1000 chips being added to her dress and shrugged off the funny looks from bemused shoppers at Meadow Hall in Sheffield. She really did have a chip on her shoulder...Meanwhile we were shocked to discover this week that the 1 in 5 Brits think that chips are more British than the Queen! And that chips are the second most popular thing that Brits abroad miss (the first is British TV) chips even beat football!!! After several months of hectic work we've got 12 months to plan for the next one! We're sure it will come round in no time.


17/02/13: Chip Week is nearly here...

We can't believe that Chip Week is nearly with us! This time tomorrow we would have travelled up and down the country for the love of chips, doing various PR activities like chip drops to radio stations, for a sector that sees 25% of the British crop. Chip Week is a busy time for us and we hope you'll be celebrating and raising a chip fork or two. Our web page has some tasty chip recipes inspired from last year's yearlong celebrations, including the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. We looked at the traditional British dishes and have given them a modern chip twist like leftover roast beef and chips, delicious and economical and how about chip 'n' chicken tikka wrap . Our friends at Love Food, Hate Waste have shared some of our recipes on their site and really worth a look. If you want to keep up with what the Potato Girls are doing this week you can check out our Twitter or Facebook pages. Happy Chip Week everyone! xx


30/01/13: Chip Shops Ahoy

One of the Potato Girls had the pleasure of being invited to be a judge at the National Fish and Chip Awards 2013 earlier this month. It's such an honour for Potato Council to be involved in the awards. Our involvement began during the first round of judging that took place back in the summer, when we were invited to the Lord Leycester Hotel in Warwick, to spend the day going through all the entries. Fast forward six months and we were in the Lancaster Hotel, being presented to by ten of the best chip shops in the UK. Hats off to all ten finalists, it must have been so nerve wracking for them all. On the night it was the Scots that came out smiling though. What a wonderful way to celebrate Burn's Night. Rory Bremner was the host of the awards and kept the audience entertained with his impressions. For details of the winners at the awards visit http://www.fishandchipawards.com/ or visit our friends at http://www.seafish.org/


18/01/13: Snowy Winter Warmers

Wow, it's a pretty snowy day out there today, so much so that we've been sent home to work at home, just incase we get stranded at work. So with a cupboard full of potatoes it's so very tempting to start making tonight's delicious potato meal to warm up, particularly when there are so many delicious recipes to chose from here. Maybe a Chili Jacket Potato with some extra lean minced meat...Yum!

Chip Week is really just around the corner (18-24 February). Have you checked out our website yet? www.chips.lovepotatoes.co.uk Here you can vote for your local chippy (provided they've registered for Chip Week that is) not only could they win the 'Best Chippy Chips' award but you could win a chip supper worth £150. And not forgetting your favourite independent pubs or restaurants. They could win 'Best Independent Pub/Restaurant Chips'. There's also some fun games on there too to have a play with on your lunch break. Be careful out there and wrap up warm.


02/01/13: Happy New Year From the Potato Girls

Firstly, we hope you had a great Winter break and you’re fully into the swing of 2013. One of the gang cooked roast potatoes for their future in-laws with a little twist – a splash of red wine vinegar half way through roasting and they were the best Roasties they’d ever eaten!  Kudos points at Christmas are always a bonus (and knowing that fluffy varieties are best)!  Thanks to Gary at Big Spud for this genius tip - here's a link to his wonderful recipe and other potatoey goodness! In case you haven't noticed our website has had a revamp, we have 'Best of' recipes and 'Best Roast Potatoes' recipe is on there if you want to take a look.

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?  Apart from the usual “lose weight”, “get fit”, how about cooking a new potato dish every week?  We’ve got hundreds of quick and easy potato recipes, including this delicious Potato and Chickpea Curry which comes in at only 265 calories per portion and is ready in 30 minutes, so it ticks all the boxes!

The team are also flat out preparing for Chip Week which is in just over five weeks time and we’re rather excited about it! Keep an eye on the website about how you can get involved, win a chippy tea, and look out for local chippies and pub restaurants participating in promotions throughout the week.


24/09/12: Every Week Should Be Potato Week

There has been so much excitement here at Potato Towers, in the run up to Potato Week, which is only a week away. A whole week dedicated to potatoes, what more could a Potato Girl want?! We're so pleased to be celebrating the week with the launch of our new potato classficiation, making buying potatoes hassle free.


23/09/12: Baby its cold outside - Part two

We’ve begun a real obsession with wedges lately.  They’re so easy to prepare so I suppose laziness is a part of it. Our favourite variety for wedges is the lovely smooth Desiree.  So easy to cook too, just take a couple of medium potatoes wash them and cut them in half, half again and once again.  And that makes 16 pieces, plenty for a couple of us. Some of us choose to toss the pieces on a baking tray that has been coated in a thin brushing of oil, but you could use a low fat spray if you're counting calories.  Pop them in the oven at 180 they take around 30 to 45 minutes and allow you to prepare the rest of your meal, or tackle some of that dreaded housework.  We love them as a rice alternative for chilli or as the perfect partner to a succulent steak.


18/09/12: Baby its cold outside - Part one

With the weather turning a little chilly, our thoughts are turning to winter warmers.  And who can resist bangers with a delicious smooth mash and onion grave.  Or maybe use the mash for a shepherd’s pie,or a classic Irish Colcannon or jazzed up with the addition of horseradish, mustard or apple to make the perfect partner to meat dishes.  In fact I think we have mash mania!


12/09/12:  We love potatoes for lunch...nom nom nom - Part two

Here’s another lunchbox filler idea from the Potato Girls - it saves food waste too, by using up the bits and bobs leftover in your fridge.  These can make a satisfying frittata – sometimes known as a Spanish omelette. Simply fry an onion, add a potato cut into thin slices, we tend to use salad potatoes, but any variety will do really. Check out our recipes pages for a great frittata recipe.

When the potato and onion have started to cook add a few assorted veg. We love peppers – it doesn’t matter if they’re slightly wrinkly, soggy tomatoes and frozen peas, but posh suggestions include asparagus combined with feta cheese. Whisk up a few eggs and top with a sprinkling of cheese. Cook through and then finish your frittata under the grill. Great hot for tea and then cold in your lunchbox the next day.


07/09/12: We love potatoes for lunch...nom nom nom - Part one

Now so many of us are watching the pennies the packed lunch has become even more important.  Soggy sandwiches aren’t the only option though we’ve found a little bit more planning is needed the evening before.  Potatoes have become a regular part of our lunches and we’re really enjoying them.  They won’t break the bank either thankfully.

Boiled salad potatoes cut into two and dressed with some ready made pesto out of a jar are so easy to throw into a plastic tub or lunchbox.  We think they’re beautiful with a nice salad, plus a bit of feta cheese or with a bit of tinned tuna thrown in.  We think these are lovely cold, but even better warmed through if you have access to a microwave as we do.



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