Atlantic Coast Seafood Chowder Recipe

Atlantic Coast Seafood Chowder
Prep in Prep in:
5 mins
Cook in Cook in:
15 mins
Serves Serves:
Per Serving %RI
KCAL 322 16%
Fat 16g 22%
Sat Fat 5.2g 26%
Salt 3.4g 56%
Sugar 2.3g 2%


Rinse the mussels in cold running water while you sauté the onion and bacon for about five minutes.

Add the potatoes and stock and bring to a gentle boil for ten minutes.

Add the seafood and spices, and cook for five minutes.

Remove any unopened mussels and add the cream and pepper. Stir well and check the seasoning.

Stir in the herbs and serve with a crusty baguette and green salad.


75g sliced squid
200g raw shell on prawns
1kg live mussels
1 onion, sliced
200g streaky bacon, chopped
Olive oil
A pinch of mace
A pinch of saffron
1tsp Cayenne pepper
500ml fish stock
4tbsp single cream
4tbsp chopped chives
300g new potatoes, halved
2tbsp chopped parsley
Salt and pepper

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