Christmas Potato Recipes 2018

Christmas Potato Recipes 2018

Feast your eyes on these fantastic potato recipes perfect for Christmas 2018!

Christmas is upon us once again! No doubt you've got presents, plans and recipe ideas for the Christmas period running through your mind. Of course, Christmas is the time for feasting - we've compiled some fantastic festive recipes you can whip up over the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Potatoes are the star ingredients of the traditional Christmas dinner, but can be used in a whole range of meals as this list proves. Dive into the delicious dishes below!

Christmas Eve

A day for celebrating with a few drinks and delicious bites.

Potato Blinis with Smoked Salmon

These fantastic canape-style dishes are perfect for a Christmas Eve party. This method shows you how to arrange the ingredients in the best way possible in order to bring every bite to life. It features smoked salmon, horseradish and salmon caviar. Delicious!

Duchesse Mini Fish Pies

These are great bitesize snacks ideal for a Christmas Eve buffet. This recipe guides you through the process of creating a delightful pastry and how to best complement the fish ingredients. The recipe uses dill, nutmeg and creme fraiche.    

Christmas dinner

The big day! Here are a few ideas for the Christmas roast and, of course, a crash course in rustling up the best roast potatoes.

Breakfast Hash with Bacon and Poached Eggs

Kick the frivolities off with this beautiful breakfast hash recipe. This recipe guides you through the process of making a delicious potato hash and delightful accompaniment in the form of poached eggs, bacon, spinach and mushrooms.

Beef Mini Roast with Mustard Crust

If you’re looking for a change-up to the traditional turkey centrepiece, then this beef mini roast could be perfect for you. Here, the roast beef is wrapped in a crunchy mustard crust which beautifully enhances the taste of the meat and served alongside some tasty rosemary potatoes – this combination guarantees a satisfied stomach and a pleased palate.

The Perfect Christmas Roast Potatoes

A simple, yet effective roast potato recipe to get your spuds the best they can be in time for Christmas Day. If you struggle to get the right amount crispiness, fluffiness and colour, you’re going to want to read this.

Boxing Day

The aftermath! A day of relaxation and leftovers.

Turkey Bubble & Squeak with Crisp Ham Shards

Ah, bubble and squeak – the ultimate leftover food. Breathe new life into turkey from the day before with this method which finds cabbage, spuds, parma ham and poached eggs mixed together to create a fantastic brunch meal. Not to be missed!

Potato Rosti with Asparagus and Poached Egg

If you find yourself with a tonne of leftover spuds, why not make it into a fantastic potato rosti?! This recipe also demonstrates how to make a delicious hollandaise sauce to accompany this dish. You can add your own twist too – add festive veg such as sprouts and parsnips which all work just as well as asparagus.

Not sure what to cook?

From curries to soups, tray-bakes to one pots, salads to pies, we’ve got over 150 quick, easy and seriously delicious potato recipes ready for you to try!

Gnocchi offers up a range of culinary delights and you can be made easily with spuds and a few basic ingredients. Learn how to make gnocchi with this delicious, easy-to-follow method which also leaves room for experimentation when it comes to flavour.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying crisp and crunchy jacket potato with fluffy insides loaded with tasty fillings. Also known as a baked potato, you can whip one up in the oven or microwave for a delicious, satisfying and filling meal. It may not be rocket science but we want your spud to be splendid so here are some tips on how to make jacket potatoes perfect every time!