Festive Food collection: your top twenty recipes for Christmas

Festive Food collection: your top twenty recipes for Christmas

It’s arguably the most wonderful time of the year – yes, the countdown is on to Christmas!  This year will be a different December than we’ve ever known before as we sort out Christmas Bubble plans, tier rules and virtual party schedules.  We also know though that some things just don’t change - and that includes feeding our families, getting the best value and taste from our food and hunting down brilliant recipe ideas to make Christmas that little bit extra special.

Here at LovePotatoes we have hundreds of dishes for every occasion and we’ve put together our ultimate festive season recipe collection. Potatoes are the star ingredient of the traditional Christmas dinner, but can be used in a whole range of meals. We’ve got you covered from options for your dining table centrepiece to festive leftover ideas and what to tuck in to while watching Christmas telly specials. Dive into the delicious dishes below. 


Christmas Day Decisions

On the big day put potatoes at the centre of your Christmas dinner table where they belong.

Roast Potatoes  A simple, yet effective roasties recipe to get your spuds to roasted potato perfection. If you struggle to get the right amount crispiness, fluffiness and colour, you’re going to want to read this.

Dauphiniose Potatoes  Creamy and crispy, easy to make and oh-so delicious, it can only be Dauphinoise Potatoes. Soft potatoes baked in rich cream and topped with golden cheese, it is a warming, indulgent classic that we just can't get enough of!

Hassleback Potatoes  Simple, effective and a fun alternative to classic roasties. Mini Hasselback Potatoes sprinkled with rosemary and roasted garlic - have you given them a go?


Using up Christmas dinner leftovers

Cook once and eat twice! Some yummy ideas to put all those leftovers to tasty good use.

'Boxing Day’ Soup  If you're hankering for a delicious soup and want to use up any leftover roast dinner veggies then this recipe is for you. Serves up to six and is low on fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt. Once made it can also be frozen for another day. AND there is a microwaveable recipe version too.

Leftover Lunch Hash  This 20-minute recipe is a quick and simple way of serving up all those potato, veg and meat leftovers and they taste AMAZING!

Turkey Bubble and Squeak with Crispy Ham Shards  Ah, bubble and squeak – the ultimate leftover food. Breathe new life into turkey from the day before with this method which finds cabbage, spuds, parma ham and poached eggs mixed together to create a fantastic brunch meal.

Creamy new potatoes  Is it even a proper leftovers Boxing Day buffet if it doesn’t include a potato salad? This simple Creamy New Potato Salad recipe ensures yumminess every time with the help of crème fraiche, mayonnaise and beautiful salad potatoes.

'Christmas Leftovers’ Jacket Potato  This Jacket Potato recipe is great for getting through the brussel sprouts! Top them with crumbled blue cheese and enjoy


Brunches for the Crimbo Limbo

The betwixtmas period stretching from 26 December to New Year’s Eve is a strange time of indulging in pj wearing lazy mornings, brunching and not knowing what day it is. 

Omelette  For a quick, tasty brunch option is there much better than an omelette? A filling Potato and Mushroom Omelette is a twist on the classic recipe but still creamy, soft and delicious.

Potatoes with corned beef hash  A traditional store cupboard staple, this Potatoes with Corned Beef Hash recipe is so satisfying and really easy to make. It's also a recipe that can be easily modified to what you’ve got to hand.

Aussie Style Potato Scones  If you caught the lockdown baking bug then these yummy potato scones are for you.  We topped ours with avocado, chopped chilli and a poached egg.

Huevos Rancheros with potatoes  Our version of the classic Mexican Huevos Rancheros breakfast. Made with potatoes, onion, garlic, sweetcorn, green chilli, chopped tomatoes, eggs and paprika. A hearty, and flavoursome way to start your day. Great served over freshly sliced and griddled bread.


Moreish snacks and sharing dishes

You’ve been through the TV mag and circled your Christmas shows, now chose the tastiest dishes to chill out with family in front of the telly with.

Spicy Homemade Potato Wedges  Whether out the freezer or made yourself, potato wedges make for a moreish snack. In addition to the taste-good factor potatoes with skins are a natural source of fibre too.  Check out our Mexican-Style Chilli Potato Wedges too if you fancy a full sharing dish.

Chickpea and potato masala  The masala is a curry-lovers favourite and this is our delicious vegetarian version. Check out this warming and aromatic recipe, easy to make and cooks in 30 minutes.

Potato Cup Frittatas  Twelve handy snack-sized potato cup frittatas - packed full of cheese, bacon and veg. Why not make a batch for some savoury treats during the week?

Patatas Bravas with Chorizo in red wine sauce  Our super easy Patatas Bravas recipe serves 4 and is on your table (or lap) and ready to eat in 30 minutes.


New Year’s Eve Virtual Parties

Celebrate seeing in 2021 with a few drinks and delicious bites.

Potato Blinis with Smoked Salmon  These fantastic canape-style dishes are perfect nibbles. This method shows you how to arrange the ingredients in the best way possible in order to bring every bite to life. It features smoked salmon, horseradish and salmon caviar. Delicious!

Dhal Vada  These crisp and golden spicy potato, lentil and chickpea nibbles are simple to make and simply moreish. Serve them with a mint chutney.

Greek-Style Potato and Chicken Filo Parcels  These yummy Greek Style Potato and Chicken Filo Parcels are spiced with sumac and are a sensational party dish. Sprinkle with natural yogurt and pomegranate seeds for a great-looking (and great-tasting) extra-special finish.

Tornado Twister Potatoes  Taking its origin from South Korean street food, give yourself a treat with these deliciously fun treats. Generously seasoned with paprika, oregano and chilli powder and served with zingy lime mayo.

Tornado Twister Potatoes


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We think you’ll agree when we say there’s not much better than a crispy, fluffy, piping-hot roast potato on your plate. Spuds are an essential part of any roast and getting them right can make or break the meal! With this in mind we thought it would be a good idea to have a look at a few tips on how to make perfect and delicious roast potatoes.

Put on the oven, whack on some music and let’s get roasting!


Knowing how to store potatoes correctly not only elongates the shelf life of your spuds but also retains the quality. This means your meals are going to be much better off for it. Feast on our insightful and helpful tips to ensure your potatoes are the best they can be when it comes to cooking up your next meal.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying crisp and crunchy jacket potato with fluffy insides loaded with tasty fillings. Also known as a baked potato, you can whip one up in the oven or microwave for a delicious, satisfying and filling meal. It may not be rocket science but we want your spud to be splendid so here are some tips on how to make jacket potatoes perfect every time!

As far as cooking skills go, boiling potatoes is not perhaps the most adventurous, but what they lack in glamour they more than make up for in versatility and usefulness! Whether you’re boiling some up for a salad or serving as a simple side-dish with garlic butter, you’ll want to make sure you get them just right! 

Whether they are served up with sausages or mixed up with cheese and spinach, mashed potatoes are a spud staple that are super versatile and delicious. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the texture – some prefer it smooth and buttery whilst others prefer it rustic and chunky. Whatever your preference, we just want you to get them right!

That’s why we thought we would share some tips on how to make mashed potatoes and get them perfect every time!

Sometimes time is against us and we don't have time to cook under traditional means, turning to the microwave is a speedy choice where we can knock up dishes with exactly the same quality in half the time. With the spud being among the ultimate quick fixes especially in the guise of jacket potatoes - the microwave approach is more than suitable, find out how to get the best results here.   

Probably one of the most popular side-dishes in the world, chips (or fries for our overseas friends) are perfect for serving up alongside a main, or even having by themselves with a hearty dollop of your favourite condiment. Knowing how to fry chips properly can make or break your next batch so here are some tips to make sure you get that perfect crispy and fluffy finish!