St Patrick's Day 2018 Recipes

St Patrick's Day 2018 Recipes

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2018 in style with this delicious selection of Irish recipes.

Here at Love Potatoes we fly the flag for the versatility of the humble spud with a range of potato recipes inspired by cuisines across the globe. This week, however, we’re looking back at the potato’s home at the centre of hearty, homely Irish food in honour of St Patrick’s Day. Here are some of our favourite Irish-inspired recipes:

Boston Style St.Patrick’s Day Hash Brown

This is a recipe created especially for St Patrick’s Day 2018, and what better way to revel in the celebrations than with some hash browns accompanied by onion, bacon and cabbage? All of which are fundamental ingredients in Irish cuisine. This is a wonderful home-comfort dish that can be enjoyed whenever you want – it works as a breakfast dish just as much as it does for brunch, lunch or dinner. Make sure you get those spuds and bacon lovely and crispy!

Potato and Ham Broth with a Poached Egg

Nothing says St Patrick’s Day more than a classic Irish broth! This particular recipe crams ham hock, potatoes, lentils and veg into a wonderful broth flavoured with chicken stock and spring greens. This dish is easy to make but doesn’t hold back on flavour particularly with the addition of poached egg. This is also a great recipe to make in a batch so you can fill the bellies of your friends and family as you enjoy the St Patrick’s Day celebrations!

St Patrick’s Day Potato, Bacon & Cabbage Gratin

Another delicious use of classic Irish ingredients, instead here the potato, bacon and cabbage can be enjoyed in the midst of a gratin which is presented in a delectable, creamy sauce among a whole host of complementary ingredients. There's plenty to be enjoyed here particularly if you're a lover of cheese - this method includes cheddar and Parmesan which when cooked correctly will melt beautifully over the crispy golden top...delicious!  

Potato, Ham, Spring Onion & Chive Soup

This is a warming, delicious soup with a lovely creamy consistency. The collision of vibrant ingredients such as spring onion and chive allows both the ham and potatoes to soak up the wonderful flavours featured in the soup.

You can enjoy potato recipes  on Love Potatoes all year round. Keep checking back for more!

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