Copper & Zinc in potatoes

Copper & Zinc in potatoes

Find out about the functions of copper and zinc, as well as more on the nutritional contents of potatoes.

What is copper & zinc?

The purpose of zinc mainly lies in maintaining bones and a healthy immune system, it is also beneficial to strengthening hair, nails, vision and skin. Other findings show that it offers significant contributions to normalising fertility and reproduction. Copper heightens and retains the normal function of the immune and nervous system assisting in body growth, maintaining healthy tissues making it a key prevention to signs of aging.  

These nutrients are always referred to in a pair as they need to be balanced in order for them to provide any health benefits to your diet. They both need to be implemented externally as the body cannot produce it by itself.

How do potatoes help?

Potatoes withhold a good amount of copper and zinc proven by its ability to generate electricity which is often witnessed in classroom science experiments; where a copper and zinc electrode is pierced through the flesh to demonstrate how the spud can act as a battery.

How much copper & zinc can be found in potatoes?

Potatoes give you a hearty amount of both minerals, for instance in a 173g baked potato you’ll gain 22% of your daily copper values and 6% zinc. Although it isn’t considered the highest quality in this field, it still provides you with enough to create a positive effect on your diet. If you pair potatoes with certain seafoods, seeds, beans or kale the combination will make up a significant serving of this mineral.


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