How to...

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy potatoes - find out how to cook your potatoes to perfection whether you're making roast potatoes, jacket potatoes or chips.

Potatoes are the base ingredient for a number of different meals varying in cuisine, taste and style. This 'How to' section includes many techniques so you can explore how to get the most out of your potato recipes. This section also includes the best way to peel potatoes, store potatoes and how to cook potatoes in a microwave. 

Potatoes can be an incredible addition to almost any dish. You could add chips or wedges to the side of a sandwich or burger or serve up a delicious fluffy jacket potato alongside a fish dish. There's also a great guide on how to cook roasted potatoes, a dish which is hard to get right for many; with our method you'll be able to get them right over and over again whether it be for Sunday dinner or Christmas dinner.  

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