How to make potato rostis

How to make potato rostis

Add potato rostis to your recipe repertoire in this wonderful guide which takes you through cooking techniques, preparation and serving suggestions.

The potato rosti is a method rooted in Swiss origin - it’s frequently regarded as their national dish despite the fact it’s consumed all over the world in a range of different styles and cuisines. And it’s not hard to understand why it’s now loved the world over - it’s versatile, it’s packed with tasty textures and holds some stunning flavours. The perfect rosti is silky smooth in the center and crunchy and crispy on the outside, a tricky alchemy which we can help you get right!

Parboil your potatoes

To start with you’ll need a waxy potato. Parboil the spuds until they’re tender in texture - you don’t want them to feel soft at this stage!

Grate and collate!

Take your parboiled potatoes and grate them into a clean tea towel so you can drain any excess water. Take the gratings and mix them together with an egg yolk and a pinch of salt and pepper. Scoop the resulting substance onto a surface where you can mould them into a disc shape. If you use about 500g of potatoes, you should be able to create 4 rostis.

Fry ‘em up

Heat up some sunflower oil on a frying pan over a medium heat and place the discs you’ve just made on the oil. Give them about 4 minutes on either side - they’ll be ready when they’re a golden colour on both sides.

Serve ‘em

Rostis can find a home in a number of dishes which means there’s a lot of room for experimentation. You could cook them up in an Indian style which we demonstrate in our Indian Spiced Rosti with haddock and poached egg, or you can mix them in with classic breakfast ingredients such as egg, beans and bacon. Check out the Potato Rosti with Asparagus & Egg recipe or feast your eyes on the recipe video below!

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