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The summer gives us plenty of opportunities to enjoy delicious food out in the sunshine, whether it be from the comfort of your garden or at a gathering with family and friends. These light, tasty and refreshing summer recipes are all designed to be enjoyed on those long summer evenings or to be brought as a tasty addition to a BBQ or picnic. Potatoes are at the heart of these summer recipes and are presented in a variety of exciting ways - there’s spice, there’s some stunning potato salad ideas and there’s a tonne of innovative cooking techniques! Tuck into the selection below!

Put your feet up and indulge in a scrumptious slow cooker recipe. Perfect for those on the go, these recipes are effortlessly easy and are sure to please any crowd!

Too late for breakfast but not ready for lunch? We've got you covered with these seriously tasty brunch recipes. Packed full of potato goodness, these dishes are perfect for lazy mornings with loved ones or entertaining your friends.

Whether you have special dietary needs or just looking to cut down on gluten, potatoes are are a great addition to any gluten-free meal, composed of many carb qualities, starchy filling goodness and a complete guaranteed absence of gluten! Feast your eyes on some delicious gluten-free recipes below to help fill that gap such as our healthy and tasty Spanish Tortilla or the irresistible New York Hash Brown.

The jacket potato has become the staple recipe for a quick fix dominating canteens, festival trucks and family kitchens as the go-to favourite treat. We have a great selection of jacket potato recipes to put a twist on the traditional British snack - we cover your spice needs with the Spicy Mexican Jacket, tickle your bacon fix with the smoky Bonfire Jacket and even get seasonal with the Christmas Leftover Jacket.

We’re always updating our site with new recipe inspirations, so be sure to check back here to sneak a peek at our latest creations. We have something for everyone here and love coming up with new potato recipes to share with other food fans. From soups and healthy quick meals through to hearty dinners and delicious comfort food, browse our latest recipes and be inspired.

Potato is the perfect base to a vegetarian dish. The veggie favourite holds plenty of nutritional qualities such as calcium, potassium and magnesium which greens don’t quite manage to reach. Check out our vegetarian recipes and get inspiration for a whole range of delicious and nutritious dishes.

Starchy foods like potatoes are our main source of carbohydrate. Potatoes contain potassium and thiamin, and can be a fantastic addition to any healthy meal. This collection of recipes are brilliant for all of the family to enjoy - from tasty potato salads through to soups and bakes, we have something to suit every taste.

Have an occasion coming up and stuck for ideas? Well, not to worry for we have conjured up a variety of recipes for occasions which tick the boxes for both quality and quantity. The following creations are ideal for keeping guests happy and full for weddings, parties and events. Filling, completely delicious and fun!   

Our quick & easy potato recipes are perfect for when you want to put together something simple, nutritious and delicious with minimal effort, leaving you with the freedom to kick back, relax and enjoy.

We find ourselves in need of these simple recipes as we battle against the clock for that precious time we all want more of – and that where potatoes come in, their versatility mean that you can have fast and easy meals on your plate in minutes.

If you’re looking to save some cash or are on a budget, then these are the meals for you! Our budget recipe ideas are every bit as tasty as any others and provide you with the same fantastic nutrition thanks to the spuds. Ideal for students, families and anyone else who needs to keep an eye on their bottom line without sacrificing flavour, nutrition and goodness.


Potatoes have long been a staple of favourite foods in this country. They form the foundation of many delicious, simple meals.

Find a selection of recipes below that we consider, the 'best of the basics'.

Sometimes the comforts are all you need. If you’ve had a bad day or the weather outside is bringing things down, get yourself into the kitchen and try your hand at one of our home comfort recipes to whip up a satisfying and warming meal. From our classic sausage and potato casserole through to making the perfect wedges, chips, mash or roast spuds, you’re sure to find something perfect.


Whether you’re out in the sun or cosied up by the fire, we’ve got a tasty potato recipe for every season. From colourful salads to scrumptious stews and curries, you’re sure to find your favourite dish – whatever the weather!

Not sure what to cook? From curries to soups, tray-bakes to one pots, salads to pies, we’ve got over 150 quick, easy and seriously delicious potato recipes ready for you to try. For a hassle-free mid-week meal or entertaining friends or family we’ve got a dish perfect for any occasion. Why not browse our collection of recipes below and prepare to be inspired!

In a warming pie or a spicy stir fry, potatoes and meat make the perfect combination. If it’s chicken or beef you love or if you’re just looking for inspiration, feast your eyes on our selection of recipes below – perfect for meat lovers everywhere!

Delicious, versatile and a good source of Omega 3, fish makes a great addition to nay potato-based dish. Whether it be shellfish, salmon or white fish you prefer, our selection of recipes below has something for everyone. For a fishy twist on your mid-week meal, why not try our Malaysian fish and potato curry? Or for something more traditional, try our Duchesse mini fish pies – great for entertaining!

Have a party coming up and stuck for ideas? Well, not to worry for we have conjured up a variety of recipes for occasions which tick the boxes for both quality and quantity. From party canapes to sharing mains, the following creations are ideal for keeping guests happy and full for any event. Filling, completely delicious and fun!

Versatile, easy and full of flavour potatoes – based dishes are perfect for any time of the day. So, whether its breakfast or brunch, lunch or dinner you’re sure to find a recipe for any mealtime in our selection below. Enjoy!

Enjoy the flavours of the world with this tasty selection of recipes. From Mexican beef tacos to spicy Spanish tapas and traditional Korean kimchi, potatoes make the perfect base for any cuisine. Why not treat your taste buds and try one of our authentic recipes today!

Are you seeking a recipe which is packed with healthy ingredients but still sparks up your tastebuds? Well you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a range of healthy potato recipes to tuck into below which are all under 400 calories. Enjoy the warmth of a Japanese Miso Potato & Chicken Broth or the delightful taste of the Spiralized Potato Wrapped Cod. We also have a fantastic selection of potato salad recipes.      

Make ready meals a thing of the past with this delicious selection of quick and speedy recipes. From a flavoursome golden seafood chowder for the family or delectable chaat masala street snacks to share with friends, we’ve got your mid-week meals covered.